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This following text is for questions 1-2.

1. From the text we know that ….
a. The passengers are not allowed to carry their baggage to the aircraft.
b. It is forbidden to bring dangerous articles to the aircraft.
c. The aircraft is in dangerous situation.
d. It is suggested to bring articles for safety reason.

2. We usually find this caution at ….
a. the bus station
b. the railway station
c. the airport
d. the harbor

This following text is for questions 3-4.

3. From the text we can conclude that ….
a. Marina has graduated from S2 degree.
b. Martin has graduated from S2 .
c. Martin has been successful on his career.
d. Marina decorates Martin’s graduations.

4. Based on the text we know that Martin is Marina’s ....
a. Student
b. Teacher
c. Relative
d. Friend

This following text is for questions 5-6.

5. What should Disti do during the bad weather?
a. Pick Ita at around at 5p.m.at the airport
b. Wait for one or two hours for the flight.
c. Wait for the plane to land.
d. Board soon.

6. From the text above we can conclude that Ita is still … now.
a. At airport.
b. At home.
c. In the plane.
d. In the waiting room.

This following text is for questions 7-8.

7. Who will celebrate her birthday?
a. David’s sister
b. Zulfa’s sister
c. David
d. Zulfa

8. The purpose of the text is ........to a birthday party.
a. to tell a past birthday party
b. to describe a certain party
c. to invite someone
d. task for a confirmation

This following text is for questions 9-11.

9. What will be discussed in the meeting?
a. The customer’s order
b. The customer’s needed
c. The customer’s documents
d. The customer’s complaining

10. Who will attend the meeting?
a. Customers
b. All managers
c. Secretary and all managers
d. Director, secretary and all managers

11. “… the meeting to discuss the customer’s complain.”
The underlined word means …
a. to speak
b. to say
c. to talk about
d. to tell

This following text is for questions 12-13.

12. When can Xacti be used?
a. On picnic time
b. In important occasion
c. In whatever occasion
d. On holiday

13. The words “most compact” in this advertisement means very …
a. big
b. high
c. large
d. small

This following text is for questions 14-15.

14. What is the text mostly about?
a. A product of food supplement
b. Quality of a food supplement
c. The usage of a food supplement
d. The composition of a food supplement

15. “Moreover, such combination can alleviate colic of ..”
The underlined word has the same meaning as ………
a. reduce
b. increase
c. recover
d. suffer

This following text is for questions 16-18.

16. “It is a nice place for…….”
What does “It” refer to…..
a. Devon mountain
b. a river
c. around the fire
d. near the campsite

17. What activity is Haikal going to do for the long holiday?
a. Camping and hiking.
b. Camping and fishing.
c. Camping, hiking and fishing.
d. Camping, hiking, singing, and sitting around fire

18. “ …..really keen on it.”
The synonym of the bold word is…..
a. happy
b. eager
c. like
d. pleased

This following text is for questions 19-20.

One of the famous tourist destination in the US in Mount Rushmore. It is located in South Dakota, USA.
It is a huge carving that shows the faces of four famous America Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. The artist who carved it was Gutzon Borglum. He started carving it in 1927 but he didn’t complete it until he died in 1941.

19. How many Presidents were carved?
a. one
b. two
c. three
d. four

20. The word “huge“ has the same meaning as……
a. very small
b. very big
c. too big
d. tiny

This following text is for questions 21-23.


David Beckham is a leading English footballer whose popularity extends beyond the field and into international celebrity. As a player, Beckham typically plays midfield and particularly known for his free kick expertise and spectacular long-range shots, including a famous goal from midfield against Wimbledon in 1996. He was captain of English national team from 2000 until 2006, Beckham was disqualified from the 1998 World Cup for a rough foul in England’s loss to Argentina, but retuned to lay in the 2002 and 2006 World Cups.
In June of 2003 Manchester United sold Beckham to the Spanish team Real Madrid for a transfer fee of 35 million Euros, about 25 million British pounds, In 2007 he signed a multi-million dollar contract to leave Real Madrid and move to the United States and play for the L.A. Galaxy, he first suited up for his new team in a “friendly” match against Chelsea on 21 July 2007. Beckham wore uniform number 7 with Manchester United, upon joining Real Madrid he switched to number 23, with 7 already taken by the teammate Raul, he kept the jersey number with the Galaxy.

21. The text tells us about David Beckham’s ….
a. Family
b. Career
c. Life
d. Success

22. When did Beckham play for the LA Galaxy?
a. In 1998
b. In 2003
c. In 2002
d. In 2007

23. “. . . he kept the journey number with the Galaxy”
What does the word ‘he’ refer to?
a. Keira Knightley
b. Romeo
c. Raul
d. David Beckham
This following text is for questions 24-26.

At the last holiday our family went to Central Flores Island of Indonesia. We went to Kalimutu Volcano lake. It is a wonderful place that I never forget it, because of that place is really unique.
Kalimutu is a volcano, close to the town of Moni in central Flores Island of Indonesia containingbthere summit crater lakes of varying colors. Tiwu Ata Mbupu (lake of old people) is usually blue and is the western most of the three lakes.The other two lakes,Tiwu Nawa Muri Koo Fai (lake of -young men and maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched or Enchanted lake) are separated by a shared crater wall and are typically green or red in color, respectively,The lake colors do very on a periodic basis. Subaqueous fumaroles are the probable cause of active up welling that occurs at the two castern lakes.
We hope someday, we will go the again, the color of the lake is very amazing. There are different colors.

24. What is the name of the lake of young People and Maiden?
a. Tiwu Ata Polo
b. Tiwu Nuwa Muri
c. Tiwu Ata Mbupu
d. Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai

25. The first paragraph tells you where the writer … his holiday to Kalimutu Volcano Lake.
a. Spent
b. Planned
c. Thought of
d. Got

26. What is the writer’s impression of the lake?
a. The lake is divided into western and eastern
b. The lake is very wonderful and really unique also amassing place
c. The lake is separated by shared crater wall and are typically green or red
d. Lake of old people is usually blue and is the western most the three lake

This following text is for questions 27-28.

Josse and Robby decided to go to a film theatre to relax. They were very tired after finishing the exams. They chose to see an adventure film. They didn’t want to see a drama, thriller, or horror film. They wanted to forget studying for one night and fantasize a little. So they bought two tickets for a movie called Lord of rings, The fellowship of the ring. They got in the theatre just on time before the movie started.
Inside the theatre, a tall man sat on a seat in front of them. He put on tall hat. Josse and Robby could not see the screen. Josse tapped on the man on the shoulder and asked him to remove his hat. When the man turned around to say sorry, they recognized him. He was Mr. Samuel, Josse’s father.

27. What is the most important idea of the first paragraph?
a. Jossee purposely met his father in the theatre.
b. Jossee and Robby were late to get in the movie.
c. They bought two tickets in the movie.
d. Jossee and Robby went to the movie for relaxing

28. Which of these statements is TRUE based on the text?
a. Josse and Robby watched movie to do the exam.
b. They love to see horror movie.
c. They forgot to study the day before.
d. They didn’t know who the man in a tall hat was.

This following text is for questions 29-31.

There was a handsome traveler named Raden Budog. He was resting under the tree, soon he fell sleep. He has a dream met a very beautiful woman. She was standing in front of him and he tried to touch her. Suddenly, a twig of the tree fell down and hit him. That made him awake from his sleep. He was really upset.
Raden Budog wanted to meet that woman. He traveled day and night and never stopped to rest. Finally he arrived in a village. All the villagers were farmers. He saw some girls were pounding rice in the mortar (people usually called it “lesung”).
They pounded the rice everyday except holy day (it was time to pray the God). Suddenly, he met the girl in his dream, he was so happy. He followed her .When she entered her house, he knocked at the door. An old woman opened it
“Who are you, young man?” asked Nyi Siti (Sri Poh Haci’s mother)
“My name is Rade Budog. May I spend my night here? I am a traveler and I don’t have a place to stay” said Raden Budog
“If you want to spend the night here you can sleep in the terrace. I’m sorry I don’t allow the men to stay in my house,” said Nyi Siti.Raden Budog who was extremely happy. Then he tried to find the way to stay in the village and married Sri Poh Haci.
Days passed by and later Sri Poh Haci fell in love with him. Then they got married. Raden Budog worked in the rice field and Sri Poh Haci continued pounding the rice in the lesung
One day (it was on Friday) Raden Budog wanted to pound the rice. He forgot that pounding the rice on Friday was not allowed. And when he was busy making the sound, the villagers screamed
“Hey, look! A monkey is pounding the rice,” Slowly, the villagers came closer to Raden Budog. He didn’t notice that all the villagers were looking at him until one of men yelled at him. ”Hey monkey! Stop it! It’s Friday.” Raden Budog didn’t understand why the villagers call him monkey. However, when he looked at his body, he was shocked! He had changed into a monkey.
Since then people named the village Lesung Village or Kampung Lesung. And since the village is located in a cape, people called it Lesung cape or Tanjung Lesung

29. What is the story tell us about?
a. A handsome traveler and his dream
b. The legend of Tanjung Lesung
c. A very beautiful girl name Sri Poh Haci
d. The legend of monkey
30.”There was a handsome traveler.”
The underline word means……….
a. Ugly
b. ill-looking
c. graceless
d. good-looking
31. What happened to Raden Budog when he pounded the rice on the holy day?
a. A.one of the villager yelled at him monkey so he had changed into the monkey
b. One of the villager had changed into a monkey
c. Sri Poh Haci had changed into a monkey
d. Raden Budog was shocked because the villagers called the monkey to their village.

This following text is for questions 32-33.

Once upon a time in the jungle, there lived a fox. His name was Rox. Noone didn’t know him. Everybody in the jungle was afraid of him because his face and style looked very vicious.
One day, in a beautiful summer morning, when Rox was drinking at the side of the river, he saw a little rabbit in danger. A snake came sneaking behind the little rabbit. The snake was going to eat it. Rox jumped over the snake as soon as possible and scared it away.
The little rabbit then felt relieved that Rox just saved his life from the threat of the dangerous snake. After that, it told the whole jungle that Rox was a kind fox. He just saved its life. There was no need to be afraid of him anymore.

32. What is the story about?
a. A fox and his friend.
b. A snake and the rabbit.
c. A rabbit and his enemy.
d. A fox and the rabbit.
33. Paragraph 2 tells us that ….
a. Little rabbit was relieved.
b. Rox saved a little rabbit’s life.
c. A snake was afraid of the little rabbit.
d. Rox looked very vicious to every one.

This following text is for questions 34-36.

Erosion is the removal of solids like sediment, soil, rock and other particles, in the natural environment. It usually occurs because of the movement of wind, water, or ice: by down slope movement of soil and other material under the force of gravity; or by living organisms, such as burrowing animals, in the case of bio-erosion.
Erosion is a natural process but in many places it is increased by human land use. Poor land use practices include deforestation, overgrazing, unmanaged construction activity and road-building. Land that is used for the production of agricultural crops generally experiences a significance greater rate of erosion than that of land under natural vegetation. This is particularly true if ploughing is used, which reduces vegetation cover on the surface of the soil and disturbs both soil structure and plant roots that would otherwise hold the soil in place. However, improved land use practices can limit erosion, using techniques such as terrace-building, conservation ploughing practices, and tree planting.
A certain amount of erosion is natural and, in fact, healthy for ecosystem. For examples, gravels continuously move downstream in watercourses. Excessive erosion, however, does cause problems, such as receiving water sedimentation, ecosystem damage and outright loss of soil

34. From the text above we can conclude that ….
a. erosion can be avoided
b. erosion is bad for environment
c. erosion is caused only by human activity
d. erosion caused by human is worse than by nature
35. From the text we know that erosion is caused by ….
a. Terrace-building, conservation ploughing practices, and tree planting
b. Receiving water sedimentation, ecosystem damage and outright loss of soil
c. The movement of wind, water, ice, down slope movement of soil, and bio-erosion
d. reforestation, managed construction activity and road-building
36. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
a. Certain amount of erosion is good for ecosystem
b. Human can avoid erosion by improved land use
c. Erosion is natural process
d. Ploughing disturbs both soil structure and plant roots

This following text is for questions 37-38.

Cacti grow in desert and in very dry places. Cacti have very unusual shapes. They have very thick and fleshy stems. Some cacti have flowers and fruit too.
People plant them for special purpose. One of them is for food. For example cool drinks, jam and sweets.

37. Which of these statements is TRUE based on the text?
a. Cacti can grow in wet area.
b. Cacti have thick and dry stems.
c. Cacti have common shapes.
d. Cacti have function for human.
38. “People plant them for special purpose.”
The underlined word has the same meaning with …
a. need
b. aim
c. thing
d. way
This following text is for questions 39-40.


1. Cubes of the lamb
2. Squares of green pepper
3. Onions
4. Salad
5. Seasoning mixture
1. Cut onions into quarters.
2. Put cubes of the lambs, squares of green pepper and onions squares on bamboo skewers and marinate them in seasoning.
3. Grill them.
4. Serve them with a salad (curry like seasoning from India)
39. “Grill them”
The underlined word means ….
a. Burn
b. Fry
c. Bake
d. Light
40. How many ingredients are needed to make MR. JACK KEBAB?
a. Three
b. Four
c. Five
d. Six

This following text is for questions 41-43.

Making a Simple Kite
Materials :
- Two sticks of bamboo (1 m long)
- Light but strong string
- A large piece of rice paper
- A pencil - Paint
- A brush - Glue
Steps :
1. Smooth down the two sticks with a knife.
2. Mark the centre of sticks A. Place it with its centre on stick B.
3. Tie the two sticks tightly with a piece of string
4. Cut a long piece of string. Tie it to each end of the two sticks to make the frame of the kite.
5. Tie a piece of string around one end of stick A. Stretch the string to the other end of stick and tie it tightly there too. The frame is now finished.
6. Place the frame on a piece of paper and copy its shape. Leave about 2 cm all around.
7. Put some glue on the edges of the paper. Fold the edges over the string of the frame and press down to glue the paper to the frame.
8. Then, paint and decorate your kite. When the paint is dry, make the bridle of the kite.
9. Cut a piece of string about 150 cm long. Tie one end to the point where the two sticks cross. Then, tie the other end to the bottom of the kite.
10. Make a tail for the kite from strips of paper and glue it to the bottom of the kite. Finally, tie a piece of string about 100 m long to the bridle. This is the sting you use to fly the kite.

41. What does the text talk about?
a. A simple kite
b. Steps to fly a kite
c. How to make a kite
d. Two sticks of bamboo
42. Why do you need to paint and decorate the kite?
a. To make it stronger
b. To make it fly easily
c. To make it more colorful
d. To make it more interesting
43. “Tie the two sticks tightly…”
The synonym of the underlined word is….
a. strongly
b. firmly
c. loosely
d. closely
44. door - after - the - lock - out - you - go
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The best arrangement is ……
a. 4 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 6 – 7 – 5
b. 4 – 3 – 1 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 7
c. 4 – 3 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 6 – 7
d. 4 – 3 - `1 – 6 – 7 – 5 – 2
45. the teacher - forgot - her - to do - Dea - her - so - homework - grounded
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
The best arrangement is …
a. 1 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 8 – 9 – 7 – 3
b. 1 – 4 – 5 – 7 – 6 – 2 – 3 – 9 – 8
c. 5 - 4 – 9 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 8 – 7 – 6
d. 5 – 2 – 4 – 3 – 8 – 7 – 1 – 9 – 6
Rearrange into good paragraph.
1. Small flood is common but big flood are rare
2. Flood can destroy homes and wash away soil from farmland
3. Flood happens when a river or the sea rises so much that it spills over the Surrounding land
4. River flood may occur after a period of heavy rain.\
5. Flood size is described in terms of frequently.
6. The river floods are sometimes big and sometimes small.

46. The best arrangement of the jumble sentences is……
a. 3-1-65-4-2
b. 3-4-6-2-1-5
c. 3-4-6-5-1-2
d. 3-1-6-2-4-5
Rearrange into good paragraph.

1. But, her stepsisters would not let her go
2. Cinderella was sad because her step sisters went to the ball without her.
3. Fortunately, the fairy godmother came and helped her to get the ball.
4. At the ball Cinderella danced with the prince.
5. Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella.
6. One day an invitation to the ball came to the family.
7. She had do all house works
8. She lived with her stepsisters and stepmother.
9. The prince fell in love with her and then married her
10. They lived happily ever after.
11. They treated her badly.

47. They best arrangement of the story is……………
a. 4- -7-10-9-6-5-1-3-2-8-11
b. 4-5-11-2-3-8-9-6-7-10-1
c. 4-7-11-6-5-1-3-2-8-9-10
d. 5-8-11-7-6-1-2-3-4-9-10

Although the jaguar is an animal that is found in Asia, it is famous in Asia because of the cat named after the animal. This report provides information on the characteristics, habitat and life of the jaguar.
The jaguar is brownish yellow in (48) … and has spots on the head, neck and legs rosettes on other parts of its body. It can weight up to 100 kilograms and has a (49) … paw that it can (50) … crush the skill of its prey.
The jaguar belongs to the cat family. It is one of the four big (roaring) cats: the lion, the tiger and the leopard. Although it has spots, a jaguar is often mistaken for the leopard.

48. a. skin
b. bone
c. body
d. color

49. a. useful
b. powerful
c. Beautiful
d. wonderful

50. a. quickly
b. slowly
c. heavily
d. easily