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Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010


Choose the correct answer!
1. Anto : Look!What is that?
Rio : That is a … . It is a very high rocky hill.
a. Mountain
b. Hill
c. Valley
d. low land
2. Anto : I think it is … Merapi.
Rio : How… is it?
Anto : It is about 2.911m.
a. mount – high
b. hill – low
c. valley - high
d. low land – wide
3. Bravo : Do you know Bengawan Solo?
Nisa : Yes,of course! It is a (3)…
Bravo : What is it?
Nisa : It is a large (4)… water that … into another river,lake,sea or ocean.
Bravo : How (5)… is it?
Nisa : It is about 640 km long.
a. lake
b. river
c. sea
d. ocean
4. a. area of – flows
b. stream of – flows
c. place of – stream
d. stream of - flow
5. a. large
b. long
c. far
d. short
6. Java is an … .It is located east of Sumatra island.Its… is about 32.187 square.
a. area – large
b. map – large
c. island – large
d. area of land – long
7. The moon is the earth’s… .It can be seen in the … at …. Its … from the earth is 384.400 kms.
a. sky – satellite – night – far
b. far – night – satellite – far – sky
c. satellite – sky – night – far
d. satellite – night – sky – far
8. Australia is one of the … in the world.It is a … area of land.Its … is about 7.7 millions kms square.
a. continents – very large – large
b. continents – very long – long
c. nations – very large – population
d. island – very large – population
9. The water of Bengawan Solo river is used to … rice field so the farmers can get harvest three times a year well.
a. Water
b. Get
c. Make
d. Irrigate
10. Mount Merapi is one of the most active … in Indonesia.It … at the end of July 2006.
a. mountain – exploded
b. mountainous – exploded
c. volcanoe – explode
d. volcanoe – exploded
11. The volcanoes make the land …
a. fertile
b. fertilizer
c. fertilize
d. to fertilize
12. It is very good time for … plants.
a. grow
b. grows
c. growing
d. growth
13. During the dry season,there are almost no rainfall.And even … happen in some places.
a. storage
b. shortage
c. wet
d. fload
14. Sea is a large body of … water.It is smaller than an ocean
a. salt
b. clean
c. dirty
d. salty
15. Cloud is tiny drops of water … in the sky.It results in rainfall.
a. floating
b. float
c. floater
d. flat
16. It is an imaginary line in the middle of the earth from west to east.We call it …
a. equivalent line
b. equator line
c. elevation line
d. red line
17. Andri : Can You tell me about island?
Jhony : It is an area of land … by sea. It is … than continent.
a. surrounded – smaller
b. surrounded – bigger
c. covered – smaller
d. covered – bigger
18. The moon … around the earth because it is the earth’s satellite.
a. rotate
b. rotates
c. rotating
d. rotated
19. The … of the moon is not flat but it is very steep.
a. locate
b. area
c. surface
d. face
20. We can see the moon … on the sky at night.
a. sine
b. shine
c. light
d. shinning